Most first year classes in post secondary institutions have upwards of 500 students in lecture halls. This makes learning a very impersonal *process* which in turn hinders how well students learn.

Through our own user interviews, we found that 93% of students leave lectures with unanswered questions, and that 83% of students know less than 20% of their classmates. Our team set out to solve these 2 problems.



Our solution was ClassMagnet, a way for students to get answers to get all their questions answered, as well as collaboratively learn with their peers.

For each class you are enrolled in, ClassMagnet would allow you to post your questions to get answered by either your peers,  TAs, or professors. There is also a chatroom for each class, for you to communicate with your peers in real time, even if you don't know them.



Our team kicked off by placing 2nd place at the Startup Weekend: uOttawa Edition. For the next 6 months, we built an alpha version of our product, recruited 20 professors to join the platform, brought on 2 developers to work with us, competed in a number of pitch competitions to receive funding, and secured our first paid contract with the University of Ottawa. 



After our beta in summer of 2015, our team reached a place where the resources available to us weren't sufficient to continue, and we decided to pursue our other interests. The connections we made with mentors and friends through the startup community in Ottawa have turned into lifelong relationships.