FIRST Robotics Competition 2013 Robot: Chronos

FRC 2013: Chronos



This animation describing the 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition challenge, Ultimate Ascent, broadcasted by NASA. Robots shoot frisbee shaped discs into goals at the far end of the field to score. At the end of the match, they climb "jungle-gym"-like pyramids to earn bonus points. This animation was first shown at the 2013 season FRC kick-off broadcast in January, 2013. Teams then had the next 6 weeks to build, design, and iterate their robots, in preparation for regional competitions. 



Once the game animation was released, our team split into subsystem teams and started working. My role was to determine the feasibility of climbing to the top rung of the jungle gym, which was determined through kinematic studies, weight restrictions, and strategic abilities. 



Our team came to the conclusion we would have maximum success if we pivoted to a 1 level climber. 



Our team faced many obstacles throughout the season. Despite these challenges, our team persevered, and qualified for the World Championships in St. Louis and won 1st place at the World Championships.  Enjoy the replays of the final match.